During winter months, please be advised it is common for yard debris to freeze in your cart. To help prevent this, please store cart in your garage, storage shed, or place yard waste in Kraft paper bags.

Thank you! 

We make safety a priority for our employees, and our customers during any inclement weather. We thank you for your understanding.

Below is the current service adjustment due to severe weather:

Due to possible inclement weather, we will have our drivers out later than normal for your service or you may be delayed a day if road conditions are too severe. We thank you for your understanding. 


Keep glass on the side!

Live in the City of Hillsboro? Call us today about 2nd recycling cart with no additional charge upon request!

Click Here for hazardous waste information and drop off locations!

Need to report illegal dumping? Or need more information about illegal dumping?

          Please click HERE!


We can also provide a padlock & keys for your businesses to protect you from illegal dumping. Call today to learn more and set up this service!