"...Many times I see your trucks on their morning routes. I'd like to say your divers are safe, courteous, and cautious. I've always thought you have some of the best commercial drivers... Congratulations"

- Steve O.

"...Thank you so much. I must say, of the various local disposal services we have had over the years of living in Oregon, YOU are the best."


"...I own a home in their pickup area Garbarino is our area provider I've had their service for 6 months now. I've had no issues with pickup and billing. I'm very happy with the service."

- Rosalyn K.

"...I've been a Garbarino customer for around fourteen years now (eight years at my current address). Thank you for the excellent service you provide my family every week - from my perspective the bins are magically emptied, but I know there's a lot done to make it happen. Thank you for being accessible - when I call your number, it is answered by someone who is friendly, real, and helpful. Most recently, thank you to the driver who delivered my drop box recently - he was supposed to already done with his shift, but he patiently and painstakingly spent several minutes maneuvering the box into place on my awkward cul de sac. In all the time I've been a Garbarino customer, things have gone smoothly and I really appreciate it."

- Nathan B.


It's time for some spring cleaning! If you have a yard project, garage cleanup, or any job that will produce more waste than will fit in your cart, contact us for a 6 yard mini drop box.

These compact drop boxes are about the size of a car and fit in most driveways.

Mini box rentals are available Monday through Friday, or Friday through Monday.

Call us at (503) 647-2335 to reserve yours!


Keep glass on the side!

Live in the City of Hillsboro? Contact us about a second recycling cart at no additional charge.